Rafiki Mwema and Ainslee Fox

As you know I have been testing new patterns for Ainslee Fox before. This time around it feels extra special, not only was it something I haven’t done before, it was also for a very good cause.

12401997_10154805448702619_7387833016269650843_oJen Kennedy, owner of Ainslee Fox, have designed doll versions of four of her beautiful
patterns. You can now get Disco dress, Bell’s Beach dress, Honey Gum dress and Mem Rose Skirt in mini versions. They go beautiful togehter, the big girl dress and the doll dress. The patern comes in five sizes so Matildas Waldorfdoll (30 cm/12″) looks just as good as her Our Generation doll (45 cm/18″)

The good cause is that all money from pattern selling goes to Rafiki Mwema, a safe house for girls from 15 months and up who have been abused i the worst possible way. They help them with medical issues, legal issues and therapeutic issues and Rafiki Mwema need all the help they can get.

So buy them here by klicking: http://rafikimwema.com/product-category/ainslee-fox/

Right now they are sold in a bundle of four patterns, with a complementary top to the skirt, for only $10/85 kr

DO get them, not only for the girls at Rafiki Mwema, but for yourself. They are truly adorable.


Busy bee has been sewing a lot

Sorry blog! Didn’t mean to put you on hold. Forgive me.

Lately I have been sewing a few more dresses but time of year and weather have made it difficult to take good pictures of them. When Matilda is home it’s to dark to get any pictures and it has been really rainy and boring weather the past weekends.

I will still get the “crappy” pictures I have and present them here, hopfully next weekend will be better and me and Matilda will be able to get outside for better pictures. 🙂

Without much further ado, let me introduce “The Dresses”:

Genevieve Dress by Violette Field Threads

Genevieve Dress by Violette Field Threads

Genevieve Dress by Violette Field Threads
Sewn in size 6 with Michael Miller “Petal Flower Fairies” fabric from Lilla Tussilago and my mums old curtains 😀
Yes, that is true! The lace was hanging in the window in my parents house when I was younger.It was a fun and quite easy dress to sew, but with a very beautiful and intricate outcome.

Bow Peep Dress by Anslee Fox

Bow Peep Dress by Anslee Fox

Bow Peep Dress by Ainslee Fox
I think this might be one of my favourite model of all the dresses I have made (the Alyss dress is right there at the top too).
In my opinion, Ainslee Fox patterns are something extra, they will not disapoint you.

This dress is made in size 6 as well and even this one is made with fabric from Michael Miller. This one is called “Flower Fairies Dawn Till Dusk” and bought on Etsy at Jean Marie’s Fabrics.

The Celeste Dress by Create Kids Couture

The Celeste Dress by Create Kids Couture

Celeste Dress by Create Kids Couture

For about a week ago I participated in my first Sew-along (SAL). For six days we got tasks to finish before a certain time and then you uploaded a picture of what you have done that day and a random winner was drawn (you won a pattern from CKC). It was a lot of fun, I really liked the concept of everyday tasks. Anyway 😀 This Celeste Dress is the result of the SAL.

The fabric comes from the same lace curtains I mentioned in the Genevieve post. Yep, mum curtains again 🙂 Pale pink, yellow and green. Some purple and darker green as well. The dark green in the ruffle is actually to be found in the flower pattern.