SMWL twirl skirt pattern by Plucky Butterfly Design

Surround Me With Love Twirl Skirt with petticoatSome garments have a very special meaning and are designed, not only for the joy of creating beautiful clothing or a love for fabrics, but from need and meaning to tell something special. The Surround Me With Love Twirl Skirt from Plucky Butterfly Design is such a design. I won’t tell you the story here, I think that is up to the designer and you can read a bit about it here if you like.

I was part in the testing group and had the chance to try the pattern before it was re-released again.

It’s a beautiful pattern, so simple but with such a spectacular outcome. Soft heart flounces draping beautifully into a soft skirt.

One of the great things with this pattern is that it comes for both woven and knits. I have so far only tried the woven version, but with this winter the soft, airy skirt feels to much spring, so a knit version is soon coming up.

I truly like and recommend this pattern and I’m proud to have been chosen to test sew this pattern. To get it just visit Plucky Butterfly Design on Etsy here.

Photo location: Nathalies Blommor, Hägersten

The twirl is strong with this one


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