Rafiki Mwema and Ainslee Fox

As you know I have been testing new patterns for Ainslee Fox before. This time around it feels extra special, not only was it something I haven’t done before, it was also for a very good cause.

12401997_10154805448702619_7387833016269650843_oJen Kennedy, owner of Ainslee Fox, have designed doll versions of four of her beautiful
patterns. You can now get Disco dress, Bell’s Beach dress, Honey Gum dress and Mem Rose Skirt in mini versions. They go beautiful togehter, the big girl dress and the doll dress. The patern comes in five sizes so Matildas Waldorfdoll (30 cm/12″) looks just as good as her Our Generation doll (45 cm/18″)

The good cause is that all money from pattern selling goes to Rafiki Mwema, a safe house for girls from 15 months and up who have been abused i the worst possible way. They help them with medical issues, legal issues and therapeutic issues and Rafiki Mwema need all the help they can get.

So buy them here by klicking: http://rafikimwema.com/product-category/ainslee-fox/

Right now they are sold in a bundle of four patterns, with a complementary top to the skirt, for only $10/85 kr

DO get them, not only for the girls at Rafiki Mwema, but for yourself. They are truly adorable.


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