Halloween in the beautiful Alyss Dress

Alyss Dress by Ainslee Fox

My super cute little witch
Photo: OzDeleau

It’s Halloween on Saturday and of course Matilda will have a new dress. This one is actually the first one I made from Ainslee Fox patterns and it’s the Alyss Dress.

The Alyss dress is an Alice in Wonderland inspired dress designed to look like a blouse and high waisted skirt. Unfortenately my fabric for the skirt was just enough for the skirt so now Matilda have cats on her skirt and bats around her waist. It removes a bit of the illusion of blouse and high waisted skirt, but I’m still pleased with how it turned out.

I’m currently working on a three layer tulle petticoat in white and I wish I had the time to make a black one before Saturday but I don’t think that is doable. It would look so nice… maybe I have to try anyway, I think I do.

This dress is a bit challenging to do but the result is really worth it. I made a size 7 due to Matildas length and I think the bodice was a bit big for her, it still looks very nice though and this way she might be able to use it more times than one (as if I won’t make a new one for next year)

Alyss Dress by Ainslee Fox

Happy Halloween!
Photo: OzDeleau


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