The Billie Dress by Ainslee Fox

The Pattern is here now, it was actually released yesterday but the urge to sew yet another dress (will be blogged when it is entirly finished) ruined my intentions to blog. The past few weeks I have, as you know, been a tester for Ainslee Fox new pattern the Billie Dress. It’s a rockabilly inspired dress with very cute details and an amzing ability to change looks depending on fabric.

Ps, If you buy the pattern before the 19th of October you get the Bille Bag for free

Overall I suggest to visit Ainslee Fox’s website, there is a numerous beautiful dress pattern there, just waiting to be downloaded and then sewn. I must confess that I own most of them and I have already tried four of the dresses, the Billie Dress, Bow Peep Dress, Disco Dress and the Alyss Dress (and yes, they will alla be blogged about in time) 🙂

Billie Dress by Ainslee Fox

Midsummer dressed rockabilly style
Photo: OzDeleau

Billie Dress - fine cord

Toward new adventures in another decade
Photo: OzDeleau

Billie Dress - Flower Girl

Sweet flower dress in the garden
Photo: OzDeleau

I am very proud to have had this experience, I have never done this before and I really loved to be part of it. All the talented ladies who also were in the test group and the ideas, creativity and kindness that was part of this has been amazing. Thank you everybody!

All the Billie Dresses made the last few week by the talented ladies who tested the dress



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