Photo session with photographer OzDelau

Vid rosa klänning

My beautiful girl

New best friend?

New best friend?

For the last three weeks it feels like I have done nothing but sewing. I have made eight dresses in 23 days and even though it has been really fun I do feel a bit beat today.

Yesterday we went to Åsa Deleau Wiklund who is a stunning photographer, she recently became runner up for the Swedish masters in portrait photography. Matilda was amazing when it came to modeling and having patience with us. Eight dresses with props and backgrounds in one and a half hour.

As usual the pictures turned out absolutely stunning, it shows off the dresses just as I wished and Matilda looked lovely.

The dresses here are from Candy Castle Pattern, they have really beautiful, easy to use-patterns. The Christmas dress is the Peppermint Swirl Dress and so is the pink skirt.
The pink dress, however, has a bustier from Ainslee Fox and it’s from the lovely Disco Dress.

I am going to take a small pause in sewing (I have too many chrochet WIP waiting for me) but I think I will be back in my sewing room in no time 🙂

Have so many plans right now 😀

Pink twirly dress

Like a fairy princess

This years Christmas dress

This years Christmas dress




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