Bow Peep Dress and fairies

Bow Peep Dress by Ainslee Fox

Bow Peep Dress by Ainslee Fox

Since I first discovered Ainslee Fox and all the beautiful patterns that can be found on the website, I have especially looked at the Bow Peep Dress.

It’s so lovely and I really want to sew it for Matilda. Yesterday I found the perfect fabric. Border fabrics aren’t anything I have found in the Swedish web shops, maybe You can find it in the “irl” stores, but I haven’t been in one for a while (lets change that soon).

Fairies from Dawn till Dusk

Fairies from Dawn till Dusk, Michael Miller

Anyway, is basicly the answer to all dreams and here I found Michael Miller fabric and especially the fairy fabrics. In my opinion they are absolutely beautiful.
The pattern is about 40-42 cm (16 inches) high so the skirt might be a little bit shorter, but that will probably be easy to fix just by adding some fabric on the top or bottom. Looking forward to receive the fabric and start sewing 🙂


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