Ainslee Fox – new pattern

Ainslee Fox - flower dress

Sneek peak of the flower dress, size 7 y

This is so fun and exiting, and I’m so happy about it.
Ainslee Fox, owned by Jen Kennedy, is a company providing beautiful sewing patterns for children’s dresses.
Ainslee Fox has just released a new pattern and needed test seamstresses to sew directly from the pattern and then evaluate it. I was one of the ladies who was picked for the task.

Right now I have two dresses going on at the same time, a flower dress in size 7 y and a more rockabilly inspired on in size 6 y. I am about to start a third on since Jen slightly modified the pattern to make the fit a little bit tighter by the arm pit.

Ainslee Fix - red dress

Rockabilly dress in the making – size 6y

The dress is very beautiful with lots of nice details and the one who is supposed to wear it, my daughter Matilda, is very pleased with it.

I will go through my fabrics today trying to find out what the third dress will look like. The big question now is – when will Matilda have time to wear all of this dresses. Even though it’s springtime i Australia where Jen lives, here in Sweden winter is coming and these are all very beautiful spring and summer dresses.

That gave me an idea for a third dress, I hav a really cute baby cord, maybe I can make the third dress a little bit more wintery.

Update will come 🙂


One thought on “Ainslee Fox – new pattern

  1. I am so so so pleased you agreed to test this for me Lina! You’ve totally rocked this pattern and made it look even better than I could’ve imagined!


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