SMWL twirl skirt pattern by Plucky Butterfly Design

Surround Me With Love Twirl Skirt with petticoatSome garments have a very special meaning and are designed, not only for the joy of creating beautiful clothing or a love for fabrics, but from need and meaning to tell something special. The Surround Me With Love Twirl Skirt from Plucky Butterfly Design is such a design. I won’t tell you the story here, I think that is up to the designer and you can read a bit about it here if you like.

I was part in the testing group and had the chance to try the pattern before it was re-released again.

It’s a beautiful pattern, so simple but with such a spectacular outcome. Soft heart flounces draping beautifully into a soft skirt.

One of the great things with this pattern is that it comes for both woven and knits. I have so far only tried the woven version, but with this winter the soft, airy skirt feels to much spring, so a knit version is soon coming up.

I truly like and recommend this pattern and I’m proud to have been chosen to test sew this pattern. To get it just visit Plucky Butterfly Design on Etsy here.

Photo location: Nathalies Blommor, Hägersten

The twirl is strong with this one


Rafiki Mwema and Ainslee Fox

As you know I have been testing new patterns for Ainslee Fox before. This time around it feels extra special, not only was it something I haven’t done before, it was also for a very good cause.

12401997_10154805448702619_7387833016269650843_oJen Kennedy, owner of Ainslee Fox, have designed doll versions of four of her beautiful
patterns. You can now get Disco dress, Bell’s Beach dress, Honey Gum dress and Mem Rose Skirt in mini versions. They go beautiful togehter, the big girl dress and the doll dress. The patern comes in five sizes so Matildas Waldorfdoll (30 cm/12″) looks just as good as her Our Generation doll (45 cm/18″)

The good cause is that all money from pattern selling goes to Rafiki Mwema, a safe house for girls from 15 months and up who have been abused i the worst possible way. They help them with medical issues, legal issues and therapeutic issues and Rafiki Mwema need all the help they can get.

So buy them here by klicking:

Right now they are sold in a bundle of four patterns, with a complementary top to the skirt, for only $10/85 kr

DO get them, not only for the girls at Rafiki Mwema, but for yourself. They are truly adorable.

Busy bee has been sewing a lot

Sorry blog! Didn’t mean to put you on hold. Forgive me.

Lately I have been sewing a few more dresses but time of year and weather have made it difficult to take good pictures of them. When Matilda is home it’s to dark to get any pictures and it has been really rainy and boring weather the past weekends.

I will still get the “crappy” pictures I have and present them here, hopfully next weekend will be better and me and Matilda will be able to get outside for better pictures. 🙂

Without much further ado, let me introduce “The Dresses”:

Genevieve Dress by Violette Field Threads

Genevieve Dress by Violette Field Threads

Genevieve Dress by Violette Field Threads
Sewn in size 6 with Michael Miller “Petal Flower Fairies” fabric from Lilla Tussilago and my mums old curtains 😀
Yes, that is true! The lace was hanging in the window in my parents house when I was younger.It was a fun and quite easy dress to sew, but with a very beautiful and intricate outcome.

Bow Peep Dress by Anslee Fox

Bow Peep Dress by Anslee Fox

Bow Peep Dress by Ainslee Fox
I think this might be one of my favourite model of all the dresses I have made (the Alyss dress is right there at the top too).
In my opinion, Ainslee Fox patterns are something extra, they will not disapoint you.

This dress is made in size 6 as well and even this one is made with fabric from Michael Miller. This one is called “Flower Fairies Dawn Till Dusk” and bought on Etsy at Jean Marie’s Fabrics.

The Celeste Dress by Create Kids Couture

The Celeste Dress by Create Kids Couture

Celeste Dress by Create Kids Couture

For about a week ago I participated in my first Sew-along (SAL). For six days we got tasks to finish before a certain time and then you uploaded a picture of what you have done that day and a random winner was drawn (you won a pattern from CKC). It was a lot of fun, I really liked the concept of everyday tasks. Anyway 😀 This Celeste Dress is the result of the SAL.

The fabric comes from the same lace curtains I mentioned in the Genevieve post. Yep, mum curtains again 🙂 Pale pink, yellow and green. Some purple and darker green as well. The dark green in the ruffle is actually to be found in the flower pattern.

Halloween in the beautiful Alyss Dress

Alyss Dress by Ainslee Fox

My super cute little witch
Photo: OzDeleau

It’s Halloween on Saturday and of course Matilda will have a new dress. This one is actually the first one I made from Ainslee Fox patterns and it’s the Alyss Dress.

The Alyss dress is an Alice in Wonderland inspired dress designed to look like a blouse and high waisted skirt. Unfortenately my fabric for the skirt was just enough for the skirt so now Matilda have cats on her skirt and bats around her waist. It removes a bit of the illusion of blouse and high waisted skirt, but I’m still pleased with how it turned out.

I’m currently working on a three layer tulle petticoat in white and I wish I had the time to make a black one before Saturday but I don’t think that is doable. It would look so nice… maybe I have to try anyway, I think I do.

This dress is a bit challenging to do but the result is really worth it. I made a size 7 due to Matildas length and I think the bodice was a bit big for her, it still looks very nice though and this way she might be able to use it more times than one (as if I won’t make a new one for next year)

Alyss Dress by Ainslee Fox

Happy Halloween!
Photo: OzDeleau

The Billie Dress by Ainslee Fox

The Pattern is here now, it was actually released yesterday but the urge to sew yet another dress (will be blogged when it is entirly finished) ruined my intentions to blog. The past few weeks I have, as you know, been a tester for Ainslee Fox new pattern the Billie Dress. It’s a rockabilly inspired dress with very cute details and an amzing ability to change looks depending on fabric.

Ps, If you buy the pattern before the 19th of October you get the Bille Bag for free

Overall I suggest to visit Ainslee Fox’s website, there is a numerous beautiful dress pattern there, just waiting to be downloaded and then sewn. I must confess that I own most of them and I have already tried four of the dresses, the Billie Dress, Bow Peep Dress, Disco Dress and the Alyss Dress (and yes, they will alla be blogged about in time) 🙂

Billie Dress by Ainslee Fox

Midsummer dressed rockabilly style
Photo: OzDeleau

Billie Dress - fine cord

Toward new adventures in another decade
Photo: OzDeleau

Billie Dress - Flower Girl

Sweet flower dress in the garden
Photo: OzDeleau

I am very proud to have had this experience, I have never done this before and I really loved to be part of it. All the talented ladies who also were in the test group and the ideas, creativity and kindness that was part of this has been amazing. Thank you everybody!

All the Billie Dresses made the last few week by the talented ladies who tested the dress


Photo session with photographer OzDelau

Vid rosa klänning

My beautiful girl

New best friend?

New best friend?

For the last three weeks it feels like I have done nothing but sewing. I have made eight dresses in 23 days and even though it has been really fun I do feel a bit beat today.

Yesterday we went to Åsa Deleau Wiklund who is a stunning photographer, she recently became runner up for the Swedish masters in portrait photography. Matilda was amazing when it came to modeling and having patience with us. Eight dresses with props and backgrounds in one and a half hour.

As usual the pictures turned out absolutely stunning, it shows off the dresses just as I wished and Matilda looked lovely.

The dresses here are from Candy Castle Pattern, they have really beautiful, easy to use-patterns. The Christmas dress is the Peppermint Swirl Dress and so is the pink skirt.
The pink dress, however, has a bustier from Ainslee Fox and it’s from the lovely Disco Dress.

I am going to take a small pause in sewing (I have too many chrochet WIP waiting for me) but I think I will be back in my sewing room in no time 🙂

Have so many plans right now 😀

Pink twirly dress

Like a fairy princess

This years Christmas dress

This years Christmas dress



Bow Peep Dress and fairies

Bow Peep Dress by Ainslee Fox

Bow Peep Dress by Ainslee Fox

Since I first discovered Ainslee Fox and all the beautiful patterns that can be found on the website, I have especially looked at the Bow Peep Dress.

It’s so lovely and I really want to sew it for Matilda. Yesterday I found the perfect fabric. Border fabrics aren’t anything I have found in the Swedish web shops, maybe You can find it in the “irl” stores, but I haven’t been in one for a while (lets change that soon).

Fairies from Dawn till Dusk

Fairies from Dawn till Dusk, Michael Miller

Anyway, is basicly the answer to all dreams and here I found Michael Miller fabric and especially the fairy fabrics. In my opinion they are absolutely beautiful.
The pattern is about 40-42 cm (16 inches) high so the skirt might be a little bit shorter, but that will probably be easy to fix just by adding some fabric on the top or bottom. Looking forward to receive the fabric and start sewing 🙂